Dependable & Reliable Legal Services

Wolfgram, Gamoke & Hutchinson, S.C. has been a service corporation for over 25 years.  It has evolved into a dynamic law firm with three practicing attorneys and well qualified legal support staff.

Fee Arrangements

We are aware of our clients' concerns about the cost of legal services. It is our policy to discuss fees with clients at the outset of the attorney/client relationship so that a fee arrangement can be reached. Fees for professional services are primarily based upon time and out-of-pocket expenses but may also take into account other relevant factors to assure a fair and appropriate statement. We monitor all expenses which we incur on behalf of our clients. Charges for computerized research, specialized document preparation, paralegal services and other disbursements are fully disclosed and kept at reasonable levels.

Competitive Rates 

Current rate information is available to clients and prospective clients upon request at any time. We typically prepare statements to our clients on a monthly basis but will, upon request, establish different arrangements.